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China's Internet of Things intelligent data acquisition technology research and

development, application, promotion of the pioneer, is the preferred brand of IOT perceived application solutions!

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About us

Guangdong Connectek IOT Tech Co., Ltd. (holding company stock code: 603322) is a comprehensive operator dedicated to providing customers with intelligent data acquisition solutions for the Internet of things. 
Connectek, founded in 2001, is the preferred brand for object-aware application solutions. It has been identified as the national high-tech enterprise, software enterprise, China's top ten national brands in the automatic identification industry, and the best solution enterprise for warehousing and logistics. It is the forerunner of the research and development, application and promotion of intelligent data acquisition technology for the Internet of things in China, and is one of the largest and strongest suppliers of perceptual acquisition technology for the Internet of things in China. Is a lot of international well-known Internet of things brand manufacturers of strategic partners. 
Connectek is engaged in supply chain management, production line transformation, quality traceability, warehouse management, fixed assets, mobile operation management, etc., in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, new retail, food safety, government public utilities and other industries. It has created many classic cases with leading technology and accumulated rich professional experience. 
Connectek has customers in e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, retail, health care, finance, government and other industries. More than 5000 customers around the world enjoy the high-quality service of Conlida. 
Connectek Federation has always adhered to the company concept of "integrity, responsibility, hard work, focus and service", with the mission of "making unremitting efforts to create an efficient, safe and better life for the Intelligent Federation" and constantly surpassing itself. Work with friends from all walks of life to promote the progress of the country and society!

Corporate Culture

  • Our mission is

    “Make unremitting efforts to create an efficient, safe and beautiful life for the Intelligent Federation of Things”

  • vision

    Be the Best Internet of Things Enterprise in China

  • We always adhere to the concept

Customer Service System

Conrad Branch

Connectek has set up sales and technical service centers in 22 cities, including Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Fuzhou and Dongguan, and has set up authorized service centers and sales networks in other cities throughout the country. To provide customers with convenient and professional services.

Conrad Material covers the world's customer industry

Connectek's customers are in various industries, such as e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, retail, medical, financial, government and so on. More than 5,000 customers around the world

enjoy the high-quality services of Connectek. Conrad Unionwealth has won the recognition and praise of its customers for providing tailor-made technical solutions.

Online Retailers
Medical Care


Well-known brands in China's e-commerce industry
Best known Brand in warehousing and Distribution Industry in China
Annual Enterprise of Retail Logistics supply chain in China
The Best solution for China's Garment Industry
Vice President of Guangzhou Software Industry Association
Top 500 Enterprises with Innovation capability in Guangdong
Executive Director Unit of Guangdong Internet of things Association
Guangdong Provincial Committee on Intelligent Logistics of the Internet of things

Employee Demeanor

Outdoor basketball activities of employees

2019. Here we go.

2019. Here we go.

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Customer on-site training exchange

Guangzhou headquarters

Service hotline:020-35915666


Address:One Floor, 4 Building, Hongtai Wisdom Valley, 17 Sicheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Beijing Branch

Service hotline:400-962-5060

Address:Room 2505, Block A, Guorong International, Wanyuan Street, Daxing District, Beijing

Shanghai Branch

Service hotline:400-962-5060

Address: Room 1903, Yuanmao Jinhao Building, 1018 Xikang Road, Putuo, Shanghai

Shenzhen Branch

Service hotline:400-962-5060

Address:3A, 3rd floor, 870 Meilong Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Dongguan Branch

Service hotline:400-962-5060

Address:A223, 186 Qifeng Road, Dongguan City

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