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Super Telecom hand in hand Connectek innovative applications and products unveiled at the 2019 5G Innovation and Development Conference

From July 14 to 15, the 2019 5G Innovation Development Conference and the first Annual meeting of entrepreneurs of China's Information and Communication Industry was held in Guangzhou with the theme of "5G Innovation leading to promote High quality Development". Around the whole industry chain of the information and communication industry, the conference will discuss the development and market trend of 5G innovation, and show the latest 5G innovation technology and application results. The 5G small base station, chip solution board, intelligent parking, intelligent logistics, intelligent city and other products and applications displayed by Superphone Communications and Connectek have attracted much attention, which fully demonstrates our exploration and layout in the field of 5G and the Internet of things. 

The Forerunner of 5G Network

The development of 5G, the network first. According to the characteristics of 5G high and low frequency integrated network, 5G small base station will be a big opportunity. In this exhibition, we displayed the self-developed 5G small base station, showing our company's strength in the construction of 5G network to professional customers. Combined with MEC edge computing, our 5G small base station will be widely used in major operators, while serving coal mines, ports,docks and other public utilities, to help users achieve a better 5G business experience.


Innovation and Development of the Internet of things. 

The arrival of the 5G era will further promote the development of the Internet of Animals. In this exhibition, Super Telecom hand in hand with Connectek Union focuses on the application cases and products of seven plates, such as intelligent parking, intelligent water affairs, intelligent fire protection, intelligent gas, intelligent energy consumption, intelligent logistics, intelligent city and so on. Our company has formed a mature industrial ecological chain in the field of the public utilities Internet of things, better solving the problems existing in the traditional public affairs field, such as the lag of manual management, the high cost of manual monitoring, the difficulty of trade settlement, and so on. Further promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.



In the exhibition area, Connectek highlights volume measurement equipment and portable Bluetooth electronic scales, as well as applications and cases of major scenarios to provide customers with customizable mature solutions. With the addition of 5G network, Chaoxun Communication will continue to join hands with Conlida to further promote the deep integration of 5G + industry applications, promote the upgrading and optimization of industrial structure, and be the booster of economic and social digital transformation. 

5G + Digital Transformation

At the forum, Chairman Liang Jianhua delivered a speech on the topic of "5G Chaoxun Zhilian". He proposed that as an integrated communication technology service provider, we will continue to be the builder of 5G network coverage, and at the same time, in promoting the integration of 5G and the real economy, we will actively pioneer the Internet of things industrial cluster to promote the transformation of 5G + digital society. We will make new and greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of Guangdong's economy.


I believe that under the cooperation of the government and enterprises, Guangdong 5G industry will embark on the road of rapid development! In the future, Super Telecom will continue to work with Connectek to do a good job in the application field of 5G + Internet of things, and strengthen research and development, explore and launch new products and applications, promote social intelligence, and open up a new era of 5G, so as to meet the needs of the majority of users for a better life.

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